A History of Lodge Almondale 1658


In 1969 and 1970, as the new town of Livingston expanded, it was noticeable that many Masons were attending Lodges around the area as visitors and some were considering affiliation. It was apparent to me that there may be roll for a new Lodge in the town, accordingly with the assistance of Bro. Bob Gibson ( my then Substitute Provincial Grand Master ) a meeting was arranged in a room within Howden House, and an invitation given to any and all interested Masons in the area.
The response was overwhelming, with about 100 brethren attending. There was an immediate agreement that a new Lodge should be formed and a steering committee under Bro. William Dodds was appointed to arrange for a Founder Members list and to seek a charter from Grand Lodge ( the founder members came from all parts of Scotland, and this has given the Lodge it's very individual character).
The Charter granted is unusual in that my name appears as a Founder Member and again as a signatory as Depute Grand Master Mason. Since the day of it's Consecration and Erection as a Lodge, 1658 has made it's mark within the Craft, by it's ritual working, visiting, support of Masonic and other charities, and above all for extending to others the hand of friendship.
The voluntary work given in the building and financing the Temple in Craigshill as a home of their own is a lasting tribute to the members and their friends.

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous future.

Bro. Ian H. Thomson.
Founder Member,
Past Depute Grand Master Mason of Scotland,
Past Provincial Grand Master of Linlithgowshire.
Founder Member.

The first Installation of Right Worshipful Master and Office Bearers in our new Temple in Craigshill.

The unveiling of the Memorial Portrait of
Bro. Ian H. Thomson. Past Depute Grand Master Mason,
Past Provincial Grand Master of Linlithgowshire, Founder Member,
by Mrs. Thomson with five of our Founder Members.

Selection of Bar Staff over the years.

Lodge Almondale 25th Anniversary Celebration

Bro. James P Thomson. D.P.G.M. Bro. James Stewart.P.G.D.O.C. Bro. Alex Fraser.R.W.P.G.M.