Lodge Past Masters.

When the Lodge was granted it's charter in November 1970 Brother William John Richardson Dodds a Past Master of Lodge Blackadder No. 1350 was elected as our first R.W.M. ( Bill was always very particular about his name ) He was in the building business being a Clerk of Works with Edinburgh University, his forthright manner made him an excellent choice for Master, being Installed in March 1971 and chaired his first enquiry meeting on Wednesday 31st March 1971, when ten candidates attended with there proposers and seconders, all ten were recommended to be admitted into Freemasonry. They were Initiated in two groups of five, this was done by placing all ten names into a hat and drawing the first five names, the first five to be Initiated were presented with a suitably inscribed Masonic Bible.
Brother Dodds was also well known in sporting circles as a football referee ( S.F.A. Grade 2 ).

Brother William John Richardson Dodds has now passed on but should never be forgotten for the knowledge and expertise he contributed to Lodge Almondale

During this first year it was passed in open Lodge that the Annual Installation of the R.W.M. and Office-Bearers would be on the Third Friday in January.